Psychic Vampire


Class: Jinx
Level: 1
Age: 25
Height: 5’
Former Occupation: Thatcher (roofer)
Gender: Female
Current XP: 990
CHA: 10
CON: 15
DEX: 17
PER: 12
SPD: 12
STR: 8
WIL: 12

Stealth – 1
Languages – 1

Hephzibah’s legs were replaced with arms. She can climb sheer surfaces with an 85% success rate, but must now wear custom-made boots if she wants to blend in with “normal” people.

Psychic Sanity Vampire power:
Range: Line of Sight
Use: At Will
Takes an action
Target is allowed a WIL save (or Morale ML score for monsters) at -1 for every level of the vampire
If the WIL save is failed, the vampire makes a contested WIL check:
Each rolls 1d20, trying to roll under their WIL score. The number of points that the vampire beats the target by is the number of temporary WIL points they sap away.

i.e. If the Vampire rolls a 6 under their WIL score of 13, that gives them 7 successes.
If the target then rolls a 6 under their WIL score of 12, that gives them 6 successes. The target would lose 1 temporary WIL point, since the vampire had 1 more success than the target.
The target will go insane for a number of rounds equal to the # of temp WIL points they lost. Also, if they lose ALL of their temporary WIL, they will lose one Permanent WIL point.


Once dated the sister of Hephaestus , and became fast friends with him as well.

While exploring the catacombs beneath the Two Moons Tavern, she used her incredible skill with languages to discern the basics (“Yes” or “No”) of Giant Beetle speak.

To escape some trouble she found herself in while carousing, Hephzibah called out to the gods for help. Someone heard, and now she’s beholden to them to complete a Quest…

Gave a Candlemas gift to Delia that consisted of the shards of a previously animate (and murderous) porcelain doll.

Deceased Wardog: Talulah. HP – 8. Killed in a massive, fiery explosion in a dungeon.


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