Zyril Goldberg

Former cartbuilder who ranges all rangy-like as a Ranger now.


Class: Ranger
Former Occupation: Wainwright
Current XP: 12

CHA: 14
CON: 12
DEX: 17
PER: 15
SPD: 14
STR: 11
WIL: 13

HP: 8

Green skin, amphibious. Can leap 20 feet across from a standstill, 30 feet with a running head start.
Must soak in water every 12 hours, or will begin to lose 1hp per hour not in water.


Played by Spencer. “Mom-liked-me-best!” step-brother of Zarl Goldberg. He and Zigg are both in love with an as-yet-unnamed PC, and they suspect this of each other. Drama!

Zyril Goldberg

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