Stuff Has So Happened

Holy crap-snacks!

Some serious biz has been perpetrated. The adventuring crew dabble-delved into the crypts beneath the Cadmus Estate again. Zarl Goldberg deduced that there were secret compartments in several rooms, each containing a lever. Once all of the levers were pulled, another secret door opened. Sadly, the gang didn’t get far after that. Upon entering a room with something like a well in the center of it, one of the characters threw a rope down to the conjoined twins languishing down there. The twins in question turned out to be like something out of a Japanese horror flick, and promptly handed the party their asses. Poor Jamcat Wildthorne Hawkblade didn’t make it out of that room alive. Everyone else (wisely) ran like hell.

After licking their wounds in town, the party accepted a job from Apollodorus to investigate the problems with an old waterworks northwest of town. After dealing with some aggressive eel-things, and passing some random corpses, Zigg cut through a pair of guys in one slice as they were trying to beat a wizard imposter to death. The PC’s debated whether or not to send the fake sorcerer to the afterlife, but eventually patched him up, and left him lying unconscious in the tunnels.

Keeping their eyes on the prize, the party made a bee-line down the main hallway, and found a torrential downpour of water that was being diverted from the river by a series of waterworks mechanisms. They had to defeat a nightmarish conglomeration- beast made of bones and sinew, but eventually did manage to turn off the flow of water. This revealed a cage under the area the water had been pouring down on, with a bedraggled looking warrior woman inside it. Once the pressure of the water was no longer keeping her down, she made short work of her shackles and the gag in her mouth, and called out a wizard’s name. The woman briskly thanked the PC’s for freeing her, then had the wizard teleport her away to parts unknown.

The PC’s beat a hasty retreat back to Lennox to report their success to Apollodorus, who happily paid them, and made plans to capitalize on the newly invigorated river trade route. Deciding that they’d like to see some more of the waterworks, now known as Korrem Wharf, the PC’s headed back there. After opening a secret passageway that they’d missed the first time around, the group found Jeff Wildthorne and Tuppence lying unconscious inside of it. Waking them and taking them along for the adventure, the group came across a seeming dead end with a big glob of mud in front of it. Zina pushed forward, and a strange, semi-humanoid form rose from the mud. As she spoke to it, it pulled a gem out of its chest, and offered it to her. This made them fast friends, and the “mudbuddy” began to follow Zina everywhere that she went.

Opening yet another secret passageway unveiled the tableau of a gruesome looking man dragging a naked, chained young woman toward a bed by her hair. The party put a quick end to him, but not before he rang an alarm bell that brought out reinforcements. The PC’s were cutting those chumps down left and right until a powerful sorceress with electricity arcing up and down the clawed armor of her left arm levitated into the room. The fight came to a grinding halt when she recognized that Zarl Goldberg, her half-brother, was among the group. She apologized to them for the heinous behavior of one of her underlings toward a female prisoner, but told them that they’d have to beat it, since she was lying low in the tunnels, and didn’t want them bringing attention from bounty-hunters her way. On their way out, the group checked out one last room. You always have to check that One. Last. Room.

This time, the room in question had a flooded ground level, and a charming man standing on the ceiling next to a huge pile of treasure…


Mirrorshades Mirrorshades

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