Zarl Goldberg

Former stonemason who got bored with that shit and became a Wizard of the Crooked Path instead.


Class: Wizard
Former Occupation: Stonemason
Current XP: 2094

CHA: 8
CON: 13
DEX: 8
PER: 7
SPD: 11
STR: 14
WIL: 10

HP: 4


Played by Jesse. Less than close step-brother of Zyril Goldberg. Once went on an adventure with Marceline, and abandoned the other members of the party to their fate. Like you do. In deep debt to agents of the crimelord, Giovanni Vega .

Zarl recently reconnected with his big sister, Koda, who has become the leader of a group of bandits.

He drank some blue fluid in a weird extra-dimensional plane one time. Since then, he’s had extremely sensitive, azure-blue eyes. Bright lights make his head hurt.

This one time, he bought a map.

Zarl Goldberg

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