Former squire returning to his Barbarian roots


Class: Barbarian
Level: 2
Age: 23
Gender: Transgender female
HP: 10
Former Occupation: Squire
Current XP: 3314

CHA: 11
CON: 14
DEX: 16
PER: 8
SPD: 15
STR: 16
WIL: 13

Webbed hands and feet. Swimming speed is triple that of a normal human. (21ish for Zigg)


Played by Devin. Once worked with Jamcat Wildthorne Hawkblade on an adventure that became a COMPLETE debacle. He and Zyril Goldberg are both in love with an as-yet-unnamed PC, and they suspect this of each other. Drama!

He recently chopped off his lustrous locks to appease a thousand-mawed, tendril nightmare. It didn’t work. shrug

Zigg’s people are made up of warrior tribes (think a mix between vikings and mayans) that live on the icy archipelagos in the north. It is said that long ago they once had a grand civilization where they built immense pyramids along a gigantic glacier but one day there was a catastrophic event in which the glacier broke and scattered the one land into many isolated islands. The technology and central government were lost and the different islands lost contact with one another for hundreds of years. Zigg was born on one of the larger islands in the archipelago into a culture were the women are warriors and the men are the bureaucrats and spiritual leaders. Zigg’s father was the brother of the chief of the village and was being raised to be a shaman but did not take very well to it, being much more deft with the curved machetes the women trained with, and whom she identified with. Her people are deeply spiritual and believe that animals are the vessels of the souls of the undead and only harm animals which have “evil souls”. The bear and orca in particular were feared and respected amongst her people and are believed to contain the souls of powerful shamans and warriors past.

Ziggs main story starts with Baron Von Wyndmore, who was a bit of an archeologist and went on an expedition north to research a lost civilization (Zigg’s ancestors). He came across 10 year old Zigg covered in the blood of her parents, standing above the corpse of a fierce bear with its skull split down the middle. In front of the bear was the corpses of her parents, obviously slain by the beast. Von Wyndmore, being a philanthropist and having a deep academic interest in Zigg’s people’s culture, offered to become her guardian and take her back to the mainland to live in his castle and learn about the world. Zigg agreed, having been a bit of a misfit amongst her people anyways. Despite her bravery and deftness in hunting, they never quite understood her identity and Von Wyndmore was the first person she ever met that accepted her for who she was. On top of that, he risked his life to protect her when the chief of the village, Zigg’s uncle, refused to let her leave and had a shaman put a curse on Von Wyndmore.

Years later Zigg was living in a land with fertile plains, growing strong and healthy under Von Wyndmore’s care and teaching. She became his squire and learned how to fight like a disciplined warrior as well as how to protect and care for the common people. Throughout her teenage years she formed a strong bond with her new caretaker but little did she know, Von Wyndmore was raising her to be his heir, being a childless widower. One day he finally succumbed to the black curse that hardened his blood and died, leaving the deed and power of his lands to the now 22 year old Zigg. Despite the people’s adoration for their Baron, they did not accept Zigg as their new lord and claimed she was a savage devil child and was responsible of his death. She was promptly exiled from the fertile plains and has been traveling ever since, searching for somewhere to fit in. She is now quite glad to be amongst a new family, despite their chaotic interests, because they accept her and respect her prowess in battle. One day she wants to return north and get revenge on her uncle for murdering the father figure of whom she loved.


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